Pringsewu Incident

A bit of Pringsewu!!






6 Responses to “Pringsewu Incident”

  1. Bram Says:

    gara2 makan disini, dalam sehari gw berada di 4 propinsi…

  2. nissa Says:

    dis is absolutely kreziiiiii hahahah

  3. steamycold Says:

    GUOKIL banget dah kita!! hiahahahaha..

  4. mitun Says:

    kalian telah mencacat rekor dalam hidup gueeee! you guys are KEWL 🙂

  5. bram Says:

    yoi.. makan sore aja pindah propinsi.. hahhaa,,

  6. Tiela Says:

    im speech less..
    can’t wait 4 our next vacation!!!

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